Mainboard Sensors Test

This test reports the current voltage, temperature and revolutions made by each mainboard, and promptly alerts administrators to potential abnormalities, if any.

Target of the test: Any host system

Agent executing the test: An internal agent

Output of the test: One set of results for every mainboard of the host system being monitored.

Configurable parameters for the test
  1. Test period - How often should the test be executed.
  2. Host - The host for which the test is to be configured.
Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Voltage utilized

Indicates the current voltage of this mainboard.



Temperature utilized

Indicates the current temperature of this mainboard.


The value of this measure should be within optimal range. A sudden/gradual increase in the value of this measure may impact the functioning of the server and needs to be attended to immediately.

Total revolutions

Indicates the average speed of the fans in this mainboard.


The speed of the fans must be within the permissible range. A sudden increase/decrese in the value of this measure is a cause for concern.