Monitoring Unix Servers

For hosts running flavors of Unix, eG Enterprise offers specialized monitoring models - one each for every Unix-based operating system that is supported by eG Enterprise. These are, namely:

  • Linux

  • Solaris

  • AIX

  • HPUX

Note :

  • Only a Basic Monitor license is required for using each of the above-mentioned monitoring models, regardless of the monitoring approach you employ - i.e., agent-based or agentless.

  • In addition to the above models, a Generic server model is also available, which can be used for monitoring any generic Unix host - this again consumes a Basic Monitor license only.

Figure 1 below depicts the Linux monitoring model.

Figure 1 : The Linux monitoring model

The key advantage of this monitoring model is that it is consistent across all the Unix-based operating systems that the eG agent supports – in other words., the Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX models offered out-of-the-box by the eG Enterprise are represented by the same set of layers depicted by Figure 1.


Figure 1 also represents the Generic server model offered by eG Enterprise.    

However, the tests mapped to each layer and the metrics they report may differ from one OS-specific model to another. 

This chapter discusses each of these OS-specific models in detail.