Configuring Logging for the eG Logoff Helper

The operations of the eG Logoff Helper are tracked and their status logged in the eGLogoffHelperLog.txt file that is automatically created in the <EG_LOGOFF_HELPER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin directory. By default, only 'information' messages are logged in this log file. From such messages, you can infer when the helper service sent a logoff request for a particular user session, and whether that user session logged off successfully or not. If you want more diagnostic messages to be logged in the log file so that troubleshooting becomes easy, you can enable the logging of DEBUG messages. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. Edit the eGLogoffHelper.exe.config file in the <EG_LOGOFF_HELPER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin directory.
  2. Search for the parameter, priority value, in the file. By default, this will be set to INFO. To enable debug message logging, set this parameter to DEBUG.
  3. Then, save the file.
  4. Finally, restart the eGLogoffHelper Windows service, so that the changes to the file take effect.