The eG Logoff Helper

The eG Enterprise Express Logon Simulator for VMware Horizon can be used to simulate logons to on-premises VMware Horizon installations. Typically, the simulator simulates a user logging into a VMware Horizon Connection Server or VMware Unified Access Gateway through a browser, reviewing the list of applications/desktops accessible, clicking on a selected application or desktop, launching it through the VMware Horizon Client by initiating a session, and then logging off. Sometimes, the simulator may not be able to cleanly logoff the application/desktop sessions it created. Such sessions may continue to linger on the server in a disconnected state. In simulations that are performed on-premises, where you have control over the target VMware Horizon infrastructure, you can avoid such disconnected sessions and ensure clean application/desktop logoffs by deploying the light-weight eG Logoff Helper software. Install the helper software on the VMware Horizon Connection Server.

To install the eG Logoff Helper, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the eGLogoffHelper.exe as an Administrator (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1 : Running the eGLogoffHelper.exe as an Administrator

  1. Figure 2 will then appear. By default, the logoff helper will be installed in the C drive. You can change the location of the helper by specifying a different install location. For making this change, use the Browse button in Figure 2. Then, click the Next button in Figure 2 to proceed.

    Figure 2 : Specifying where the logoff helper is to be installed

  1. When Figure 3 appears, select VMware Horizon as the infrastructure and click Next to move on.

    Figure 3 : Selecting VMware Horizon as the infrastructure

  1. In Figure 4 that appears next, provide the VMware Horizon farm administrator's credentials. This is essential for creating and running the eG Logoff Helper Windows service on the VMware Horizon Connection Server. Note that the User Name of the VMware Horizon farm administrator should be provided in the format, <DomainName>\<UserName>.

    Figure 4 : Providing the credentials of a VMware Horizon administrator

  1. Next, provide a comma-separated list of application/desktop users to be logged off. This user list should be the whole or a part of the list of users who you have configured for your simulation. Each user name in this comma-separated list should be specified in the format, <DomainName>\<UserName>. Then, click the Next button.

    Figure 5 : Providing a comma-separated list of application/desktop users to logoff

  1. Upon successful installation of the helper, a message depicted by Figure 6 will appear.

    Figure 6 : Successful installation of the logoff helper

  2. Click the Finish button in Figure 6 to exit the installation wizard.

You can confirm the successful installation of the eG Logoff Helper by verifying the following:

  • A folder named eGLogoffHelper will be created in the install location specified at step 2 above.
  • You will find a new Windows service named eG Logoff Helper running with VMware Horizon Connection Server administrator privileges.