What is VMware Horizon Workspace One Access?

VMware Workspace ONE is a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any device. Workspace ONE integrates identity, application, and enterprise mobility management while also delivering feature-rich virtual desktops and applications. It is available either as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment. The platform is composed of several components - VMware Workspace ONE UEM (powered by VMware AirWatch), Workspace ONE Access, VMware Horizon, and the Workspace ONE productivity apps, which are supported on most common mobile platforms.

VMware Workspace ONE Access™ (formerly called VMware Identity Manager) is a key component of VMware Workspace ONE®. Among the capabilities of Workspace ONE Access are:

  • Simple application access for end users - Provides access to different types of applications, including internal web applications, SaaS-based web applications (such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Concur, and more), native mobile apps, native Windows and macOS apps, VMware ThinApp® packaged applications, VMware Horizon®-based applications and desktops, and Citrix-based applications and desktops, all through a unified application catalog.

  • Self-service app store - Allows end users to search for and select entitled applications in a simple way, while providing enterprise security and compliance controls to ensure that the right users have access to the right applications.

  • Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) - Simplifies business mobility with an included Identity Provider (IdP) or integration with existing on-premises identity providers so that you can aggregate SaaS, native mobile, MacOS, and Windows 10 apps into a single catalog. Users have a single sign-on experience regardless of whether they log in to an internal, external, or virtual-based application.

  • Conditional access - Includes a comprehensive policy engine that allows the administrator to set different access policies based on the risk profile of the application. An administrator can use criteria such as network range, user group, application type, method of authentication, or device operating system to determine if the user should have access or not.

  • Productivity tools - Enables the Hub Services suite of productivity tools such as People Search, Notifications, Mobile Flow, Assistant, and more.

In addition, Workspace ONE Access can validate the compliance status of the device in VMware Workspace ONE® UEM (powered by AirWatch).

VMware Workspace ONE Access supports two horizontal solutions today:

  • Mobile and SaaS app delivery
  • Accelerating Office 365 Deployments

Why Monitor VMware Horizon Workspace One Access?

VMware Horizon Workspace One Access leads the industry with unique conditional access controls that allow administrators to set policies on whether a device is managed or unmanaged. If an application stores sensitive data, it should be under management so that information can be wiped if lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. In large virtualized environments where applications are managed centrally using the VMware Horizon Workspace One Access, it is the responsibility of the administrators to constantly keep track on whether the VMware Horizon Workspace One Access is accessible. The desktops/applications launched through the VMware Horizon Workspace One Access should also be tracked periodically. In addition, administrators should also keep a constant vigil on the applications that are managed, the user accessing the applications, the access policies that apply to each user, the health of the integrated components etc. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the VMware Horizon Workspace One Access round the clock! For this purpose, eG Enterprise has developed a specialized VMware Horizon IWorkspace One monitoring model.