Increasing the Memory Settings of the eG Agent that Monitors ESX Servers

The AXIS library used by the VI APIs is memory-intensive, and therefore, while monitoring ESX servers using the VI APIs, the default memory setting of 128 MB will not be sufficient for the eG agent to pull out the required metrics. The maximum memory setting of the eG agent should hence be increased to any value between 256 MB and 1024 MB, but the exact value will depend upon the number of ESX servers being managed in your environment.


If the eG agent is being installed on the same box as the eG manager, then, by default, the eG agent setup process will automatically increase the memory setting of the agent. If the eG agent is being installed alongside a Unix manager, the agent memory will be automatically reset to 256 MB by default. On a Windows manager host, this default value is dynamically determined, but will not be higher than 512 MB.

The steps to be followed to alter the agent’s memory settings vary according to the operating system (OS) on which the agent is executing. The sections to come discuss the procedures specific to each OS.