Simulator Endpoint Test

For a web app simulator to perform web app simulation, it is essential for the user to establish a user session by logging into the web app simulation endpoint at all times. Sometimes, the web app simulation endpoint may be down or the user may face connectivity issues to the web app simulation endpoint. During such circumstances, the web app simulator may stop the simulation process. When the simulation stops, administrators should quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue at the earliest. To aid administrators in this regard, eG Enterprise offers the Simulator Endpoint test.

By closely monitoring the web app simulation endpoint, this test reports whether/not the user session on the endpoint is active.

Target of the test : A web site or a web application

Agent deploying the test : An external agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for the target web app simulation endpoint on which simulation is to be performed

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test Period

How often should the test be executed. The default is 15 minutes.


The host for which the test is to be configured.


Refers to the port used by the target server. By default, this is set to NULL.

Console Username

The simulator needs to run in the account of a user who has local administrator rights on the simulation end point - i.e., the system on which the external agent is installed. Specify the name of this user here. This user should also be logged in at all times for the simulator to run continuously.

Console Domain

Specify the domain to which the Console Username belongs to. By default, none is specified against this parameter.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Is endpoint user session active?

Indicates whether/not the user session on the web app simulation endpoint is active.


The values reported by this measure and its numeric equivalents are mentioned in the table below:

Measure value Numeric Value
No 0
Yes 1


By default, this measure reports the Measure Values listed in the table above to indicate whether/not the user session on the web app simulation endpoint is active. The graph of this measure however, is represented using the numeric equivalents only i.e., 0 or 1.