WebtoB is a web server that provides superior performance and reliability. When used together with JEUS - the world's first Web Application Server that is Java EE 6 certified, these products improve performance by sharing memory and eliminating the network traffic required when the products are deployed on two servers. JEUS and WebtoB can monitor each other’s nodes and load balancing to insure coordination. They also deliver remarkable security advances. Together, they can sense and remediate a Denial of Service attack, and minimize its effect on legitimate requests. Since no open firewall port is needed between them, the entire class of attack is eliminated. JEUS and WebtoB are ideal for Enterprises seeking unrivaled security, performance, reliability, throughput and lower costs.

The availability of a web site and the response time for user accesses to the site are the most critical metrics of web performance. Both these metrics may vary depending from one website to another and even from one transaction to another.

Sometimes, administrators may want to know only overall health indicators such as the availability of the WebtoB web server, the data processing ability of the server, the data traffic handled by the server, etc., monitored. To cater to the requirements of such administrators, eG Enterprise provides a specialized WebtoB Web Server model

The specialized monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise help administrators for continuously monitoring the WebtoB Web servers in the environment. The statistics reported by this model enables administrators to find out accurate answers to all the performance related queries.