Search Inventory

This page serves as an easy-to-use search engine, with the help of which you can run quick searches across the environment for the inventory of operating systems, hot fixes, software, services, network adapters, and hard disks. The page allows you to build multiple search queries in no time, and even permits a few/all such queries to be executed simultaneously on the CMDB, so that a wide variety of details pertaining to multiple IT assets, can be retrieved and viewed in a single interface.

This page can be accessed by the following menu sequence: Inventory->Search.

To build search conditions using this page, first, indicate what to search for by picking one of the following options from the Search for list.

  • Hotfix
  • Harddisk
  • Network Adapter
  • OS
  • Software

The rest of the search process will vary, depending upon the option chosen from the Search for list. Each of these options have been discussed below.