Backing up and Restoring the eG Manager on Unix Environments (Linux and Solaris)

To backup and restore the eG manager on Unix environments, do the following:

  1. Tar the /opt/eGurkha directory and save it in a convenient location.
  2. To restore the eG manager to the same host from which the backup was taken, untar the eGurkha directory to the /opt directory.
  3. If you restore the eG manager to a different host, first, untar the eGurkha directory to the /opt directory, and then, check whether the IP/host name of the new host is different from the old manager host. If so, run the reset_manager and reset_agent scripts from the /opt/egurkha/bin directory, and change the IP/host name of the eG manager to that of the new host. Also, replace the old eG manager license with a new license generated for the new IP address/hostname.
  4. After restoring, check whether the /opt/egurkha/manager/tomcat/webapps/final/WEB-INF/lib is a soft link to /opt/egurkha/lib. To perform this check, execute the following command from the command prompt:

    ls -alt /opt/egurkha/manager/tomcat/webapps/final/WEB-INF/

  5. If the result of this command includes the following statement, then it indicates that the soft link exists.

    lib -> /opt/egurkha/lib

  6. If not, first, remove the directory /opt/egurkha/manager/tomcat/webapps/final/WEB-INF/lib.
  7. Next, create a soft link using the following command:

    ln -s /opt/egurkha/manager/tomcat/webapps/final/WEB-INF/lib /opt/egurkha/lib

  8. Finally, restart the eG manager.