Configuring the eG Manager to Send SMS Alerts

IT infrastructures that support mission-critical services need to be up and running 24x7. Timely, precise alerting by a monitoring solution can provide adequate notice for an IT manager to react immediately and to avert potential crisis situations.

The eG Enterprise is capable of alerting users to issues anytime, anywhere! Besides providing users to the eG monitoring console with a list of open problems in the current alarms window, the eG Enterprise system can also send out email alerts of issues to configured mailboxes, and SMS alerts to configured mobile phones/pagers. To send SMS alerts, the eG manager can be configured to use any of the following mechanisms:

  • By configuring an SMTP mail server to send SMS alerts to specified mail numbers - The eG manager will be able to send SMS via any SMTP mail server in the target environment. Administrators can even use the same mail server that has been configured for sending email alerts, for this purpose. For more details, refer to Configuring an SMTP Mail Server to Send SMS Alerts.
  • By integrating the eG manager with NowSMS Lite - The NowSMS Lite is a software gateway that allows sending of SMS messages using a GSM (GRPS/EDGE/3G) modem.  The eG manager can integrate with the NowSMS Lite software so that, eG alarms can be forwarded as SMS alerts to configured mobile phones. This way, operators only see alerts relating to networks, servers, applications, and services under their purview. Employing a patented automatic triage technology, the eG manager prioritizes alerts - so the root-cause of problems are differentiated from the effects - and forwards them instantly to the NowSMS server for delivery to users’ mobile phones. Refer to Integrating the eG Manager with NowSMS Lite to know how to integrate the eG manager with NowSMS Lite.
  • By integrating the eG manager with PageGate - PageGate software allows for network paging or network wide alphanumeric paging and text messaging from any combination of the following modules: web, email, commandline/ascii, serial, TAP-in and (GUI) windows workstations. The eG manager can be integrated with PageGate, so that the alarms generated by the eG manager are sent as SMS’ to pagers via PageGate. For more details, refer to Integrating the eG Manager with PageGate.
  • By integrating the eG manager with any HTTP-based SMS Gateway - In environments that either have an HTTP-based gateway in-house or subscribe to such a gateway (eg., Air2Web’s Content Gateway services), users have the option of configuring the eG manager to send SMS alerts to mobile phones via that gateway. This way, SMS alerts can be instantly sent to mobile phones without modems, SMS subscriptions, or components like the eG SMS manager. For elaborate discussion on this, refer to Integrating the eG Manager with an HTTP-based SMS Gateway.