Installing an eG Agent on a Citrix PVS Gold Image

A Golden Image is a template for a virtual machine (VM), virtual desktop, server or hard disk drive. A Golden Image may also be referred to as a clone image, master image or base image.

When preparing a golden image of a Citrix Xenpp server using Citrix PVS, you can install the eG agent as part of the golden image, so that every Windows VM / virtual desktop that is created from that image automatically includes a fully functional eG agent.

For this purpose, all you need to do is install the eG agent on the new Windows VM to be used as the golden image for PVS. The steps for installation are the same as that of any regular Windows agent. Refer Installing and Configuring the eG Agent on Windows for the detailed installation and configuration steps.

Typically, when installing and configuring any eG agent, setup will request you to confirm whether/not you want to assign a nick name for that agent (see Figure 1).

Figure 22 : Setup requesting the user’s confirmation to assign a nick name for the eG agent

When configuring an eG agent on a golden image for PVS, make sure that you do not assign any nick name for the agent. To this effect, click the No button at this prompt.