Installing the eG Agent

  1. The eG agent failed to install properly. What could be wrong?

    Please check for the following:

    1. Did you accept the license agreement?
    2. Do you have the pre-requisites

      • An operating system version that eG supports
      • The right service pack and option pack (for Windows environments)
  2. I have installed the eG agent on a Linux system in my environment. For security reasons, my environment automatically deactivates local Linux user accounts, such as the eG install user account, after 30 days. This means that my eG agent will not function after 30 days. How do I ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the Linux agent?

    For this do the following:

    1. After installing and fully configuring the eG agent on the Linux system, run the following command at the shell prompt of that system:

      usermod <eGinstalleduser> -s /usr/sbin/nologin

      The nologin utility serves as a replacement shell field for accounts that are disabled. Using the nologin command, you can turn the local eG install user account into a non-interactive service account.

    2. Then, reboot the Linux system.


    The nologin command should be run only after the eG agent is installed and fully configured on the Linux system.