Logging of SMS Alerts

By default, all the eG alarms forwarded to an HTTP/HTTPS address will be logged in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\logs\HTTPSMS.log file. The details and status of all other SMS alerts are logged in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\logs\egsmsaudit_log file.

Both these files are governed by the following parameters in the [http_sms_alerts] section of the eg_services.ini file.



If say, the HTTPSMS.log file grows to the size of 1 MB (by default), another HTTPSMS.log file is automatically created to which the contents of the original file are copied. The details of the subsequent alerts will then be logged to the original file. This way, a maximum of 10 HTTPSMSl.log files can be created (by default). The same default settings apply to the egsmsaudit.log file as well. These default log settings can however be overridden using the above-mentioned parameters.

To increase the maximum size (in MB) up to which a log file (HTTPSMS.log and/or the egsmsaudit.log) can grow before a new log file is created, increase the value of the Log_file_size parameter. Likewise, to increase the maximum number of log files that can be created, change the value of the Max_log_files parameter. Then, save the file to register the changes.