Overheads of the eG Agent on Windows

The resource utilization of an eG agent is dependent on various factors including:

  • the number of components that are being monitored by the eG agent;
  • the specific component types to be monitored; 
  • the frequency of monitoring;
  • whether the agent is monitoring applications in an agent-based or an agentless manner;

For an internal agent monitoring a single application on the server at a 5 minute frequency, the agent typically consumes 0.1-0.3% of CPU. Network traffic generated by the agent is about 0.05 – 0.2 kbps. The size of the agent on disk is about 1 GB. When the agent is started, its memory footprint will be about 10-15 MB additional to that of the Java Virtual Machine. In total, the eG agent process consumes 128 MB of memory.

For an agent that monitors multiple applications on a server, or for an agent that monitors components in an agentless/external manner, the CPU, memory, and network bandwidth usage will be higher.