Pre-requisites for Integrating eG Manager with NowSMS Lite

The following pre-requisites should be fulfilled before attempting to integrate the eG manager with NowSMS Lite:

  1. Make sure that a licensed NowSMS Lite software, purchased from Limited, is installed and fully operational in the target environment;
  2. The server/desktop hosting NowSMS Lite should fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Should support a USB device driver for the GSM modem (if the modem is USB based). The driver must be explicitly obtained from the modem vendor and installed.
    2. Should support a serial port device driver (if the modem is serial port based). This driver will be typically installed and available in Windows OS by default.
    3. The environment should comprise of a GSM Modem that supports an “extended AT command set” for sending/receiving SMS messages, as defined in the ETSI GSM 07.05 and and 3GPP TS 27.005 specifications; the recommended GSM modems for this integration are:

      • Wavecom Fastrack M1306B
      • Sierra Wireless – AirLink Fasttrack Xtend
      • The other requirements pertaining to GSM modems include:

        • A GSM modem can be a dedicated modem device with a serial or USB connection.
        • The GSM modem has to be placed in a location where the signal strength is good. Measure the signal strength by connecting to the modem using HyperTerminal utility available in Windows and issue the below command:


          The output format of the command will be in the below format:

          +CSQ <rssi>,<ber>

          In the output, <rssi> represents the received signal strength indicator and <ber> denotes the channel bit error rate.

          While the <rss> value of 15 and above indicates strong signal strength, a value below 10 will not guarantee SMS delivery.

          The output +CSQ 99,99 indicates the modem is not registered with the mobile network.


          The Windows 2008 server does not come with the Hyperterminal utility. The utility can be copied from any of the existing Windows 2003 servers and executed on the Windows 2008 server. Files related to this utility are hpertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll.

      • Mobile SIM card with valid subscription for outgoing SMS;
      • The eG license should enable the SMS Alerting capability.