Starting the eG Agent

  1. The eG agent was installed successfully, but it does not seem to be reporting any measures. What could be wrong?

    1. Make sure that the IP address or the hostname of the manager specified during the agent install is correct.
    2. Please check to see if the eGurkhaAgent service (on Windows) or the EgMainAgent process (on Unix) is running. If the agent service/process is not running, the main reason is probably because the Java environment is not set properly.
    3. If the agent is running but is not reporting measures, possible reasons for this are:

      • The manager may not be accessible from the agent. Please check to see if any test from the agent is reporting measures. If no test is reporting measures, it is possible that the agent is not able to communicate with the manager. In this case, check the directory <EG_HOME_DIR>/agent/data. If there are many files in this directory, the main reason for this could be that the manager is either down or is not accessible from the host where the agent is installed.
      • Another reason why the agent may not be reporting measures to the manager could be that no applications running on the host where the agent is installed are in the managed list of the eG manager. Please check the agent error log to confirm if this is the case.
      • A third reason for the agent/manager communication to fail could be if the manager is configured to authenticate all agents reporting to it, and the agent is communicating via a Network Address Translator or firewall. In this case, the manager will not be able to authenticate the agent. To enable manager/agent communication, turn the authentication option off for manager/agent communication.
      • Some antivirus software may stop the eG agent from executing any Visual Basic scripts on Windows. This can cause the agent to stop running. Please check the antivirus software’s documentation to determine how it can be configured to allow the Visual Basic scripts in the eG directory to execute.
  2. The eG agent on a server used to work.  Suddenly, it has stopped working. What could be wrong?

    This problem can also occur if you have uninstalled the Java environment that you had specified when installing the eG agent. Even an upgrade of the java environment or changing the java installation directories can cause problems. You will need to edit the <EG_HOME_DIR>/bin/start_agent script on Unix to restart the manager. On Windows, reinstall Java in the same location.

  3. Are there log files that I should look at to figure out what problems are happening with my eG installation?

    Yes, to detect problems with the eG manager, please look at the error_log file in the <EG_HOME_DIR>/manager/logs directory. Likewise, to detect problems with the eG agent, please look at the error_log file in the “<EG_HOME_DIR>//agent/logs directory.