Troubleshooting Issues in eG Manager Operations

To troubleshoot issues in eG manager operations, you first need to enable debug logging for the manager. For this, follow the steps below on an eG manager on Windows:

  1. Login to the eG manager host.

  2. Open the Windows command prompt and switch to the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory.

  3. Next, issue the following command at the prompt:

    run mgr_output_on.bat

  4. Then, restart the eGurkhaTomcat service.

  5. Once the service is started, you will find the activities of the manager and problems (if any) logged in the catalina.log file in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\tomcat\logs directory.

  6. If needed, you can turn off debug logging after some time. For this, from the command prompt, go to the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory, and issue the following command:

    run mgr_output_off.bat

  7. Finally, restart the eGurkhaTomcat service.