Troubleshooting the Failure of the eG Agent

If the eG agent fails to start or collect metrics, first check the <EG_HOME_DIR>\agent\logs\error_log file to find out the reasons due to which the agent failed to start. In Windows environments, executing the eG agent in the debugon mode automatically triggers error logging. The steps involved in this process are detailed below:

  1. Stop the eG agent.
  2. Run the debugon.bat file in the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory by double-clicking on it.
  3. Finally, restart the eG agent.
  4. Upon restarting, the following files will be automatically created in the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\agent\logs directory:

    • The agentout.log file, which records details of the tests run and measures reported by the agent to the manager
    • The agenterr.log and error_log files to which the runtime errors encountered by the eG agent are logged
    • The agentupgrade.log file which provides the agent upgrade status. 

You can ‘switch off’ error logging if so required, by running the debugoff.bat file in the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory.