Uninstalling eG Enterprise

The process of uninstalling eG Enterprise varies depending on the operating system used. The steps to be executed to uninstall eG Enterprise are as follows:

  1. First stop the execution of the manager using the command:


  2. Next, stop the execution of the agent using the command:


  3. On Linux and AIX, the /opt/egurkha directory has to be manually removed to uninstall the eG Enterprise system.
  4. Next, on Solaris, use the pkgrm command to uninstall the eGmanager and eGagent packages.
  5. On HP-UX, uninstall the eG agent following the steps given below:

    • The eG agent can be uninstalled only by a super-user. Therefore, login as the super-user and run the command sam.
    • Now, press the Enter key on the keyboard. A screen depicted by Figure 1 below appears next.

      Figure 1 : Selecting the Software Management option

    • Using the down-arrow key on the key board, select the SD-UX Software Management option from Figure 1, and then press Enter.
    • Using the next screen (see Figure 2), choose to remove the eG agent software executing on the local host, by selecting the Remove Local Host Software option. To select this option, use the down-arrow key until the option is reached, and then press the Enter key.

      Figure 2 : Choosing to remove a software on the local host

    • From the screen that appears next, select the eG Agent software to be removed. To remove the selected eG agent software, first, mark it for removal by pressing the “m” key on the keyboard (see Figure 3).

      Figure 3 : Marking the eG agent software for deletion

    • Then, press the Tab key and choose Actions -> Remove as depicted by Figure 4 below.

      Figure 4 : Selecting the Remove option from the Actions menu

    • Then, press the Enter key and wait until the Status of the remove analysis changes to Ready (see Figure 5). Then, using the Tab key, choose the OK button to confirm deletion of the selected eG software.

      Figure 5 : Confirming removal of the eG software by selecting the OK button

    • Once the software is removed, status will become Completed (see Figure 6). Now, click the Done button, specified by an arrow in the figure.

      Figure 6 : Status changing to Completed

    • Finally, exit the uninstall process using the menu sequence: File -> Exit SAM.