eG Web Console

eG Web Console enables a user to interact with eG Enterprise. The recommended browser for the eG Web Console is Internet Explorer 10, 11, and Edge, Mozilla Firefox v18 or higher, and Chrome v28 (or above). The eG Web Console consists of Admin, Monitor, Reporter and Configuration tabs using which administrators can customize the configuration of eG Enterprise and monitor the IT environment. The options provided in the tab panes help administrators to do the following tasks without any hassle:

  • Discovering and managing the components to be monitored,
  • Configuring the tests for each component,
  • Monitoring the measurements reported by the eG agent
  • Creating and viewing dashboards
  • Generating reports on how do the managed components perform in the environment?
  • Troubleshooting the issues
  • Integrating the eG Enterprise with third-party systems.

To avoid overwhelming users with the variety and amount of results being generated based on measurements made by the eG agents, the web console presents the results of the measurements in a logical and coherent manner. The eG manager’s interpretation of the state of each element of an IT infrastructure is first displayed before the results of the individual measurements are made available - e.g., by displaying graphs indicating the change in value of the measurement with time of day. An alarm window immediately highlights the pending alarms in the target environment, prioritized based on the eG manager’s assessment of the severity of the associated problems.