Adding Custom Fields to the Trouble Ticket Integration Page

Sometimes, you may want eG Enterprise to transmit more information to a TT system than what eG Enterprise’s default monitoring and integration framework allows. For example, when integrating with Service Now, eG Enterprise by default sends the name and type of the problem component, the problem priority, the problem layer, and problem description as part of the eG alarm information. Service Now users may however want a Subcategory to also be set for eG alerts at the time of alarm transmission, so that, when browsing the eG alerts in the Service Now console, they can at-a-glance determine which area of work the issue pertains to.  While a Subcategory field is available in Service Now, eG Enterprise’s monitoring framework does not by default collect or report ‘problem subcategory’ as part of alarm information. To make sure that eG Enterprise sends this Subcategory information to Service Now along with the eG alerts, you first need to set a subcategory for the eG alerts in eG Enterprise. This can be achieved by adding Subcategory as a Custom field to the Trouble Ticket Integration page (in the eG admin interface) of Service Now.

Custom Fields enable eG Enterprise to capture and send problem information that is specific to a TT system.

This facility is currently available for the following TT systems only:

  • Service Now
  • Pager Duty
  • HipChat
  • Slack
  • JIRA

The sub-sections below discuss how this can be achieved for Service Now and JIRA alone. The procedure for adding custom fields for other TT systems is similar to that of Service Now.