Integrating with BMC RemedyForce

Remedyforce helps you streamline IT assistance and deliver it through a cloud-based, social platform.

To integrate the eG manager with BMC Remedyforce, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG administrative interface.
  2. Select the Manager option from the Settings tile.

  3. Figure 1 will then appear. From the manager settings tree in the left panel of Figure 1, select the ITSM/Collaboration Integration node. The third-party ITSM/Collaboration tools that eG Enterprise can integrate with will be listed in the right panel.

    Figure 1 : Viewing the ITSM/Collaboration tool options

  4. Now, click on the Remedyforceoption in the right panel (see Figure 1). A Remedyforce section will now appear in the right panel (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2 : Configuring integration with Remedyforce

  5. To enable integration with Remedyforce, first slide the Remedyforce slider in Figure 2 to the right.
  6. Then, specify the following in Figure 2:

    • URL: The URL using which the eG manager should connect to Remedyforce.
    • Partner URL: The partner URL to which the eG manager should first connect to connect to Remedyforce.
    • User and Password: The credentials of a valid user who has rights to access Remedyforce through the Partner URL.
  7. Finally, click the Update button in Figure 2.