eG Enterprise includes extensive monitoring capabilities for IT Infrastructure components. Problems detected by eG products can be reported to users in various ways – via the web, over email, and via SNMP traps to any SNMP console.  Many enterprises use Trouble Ticketing (TT) systems to track problems with their IT infrastructures. Besides tracking the current problems, a trouble ticketing system enables an operator to dispatch service requests to the appropriate maintenance personnel. Maintenance personnel can use the trouble ticket system to update and monitor the status of current problems and follow these through to final resolution.

The integration of eG Enterprise with TT systems facilitates the following actions to be automatically performed in the TT system based on the open alarms in eG Enterprise:

  • trouble tickets to be opened in the TT systems as and when a new alarm is detected by eG Enterprise;
  • trouble tickets to be modified as and when an existing alarm is modified in eG Enterprise;
  • trouble tickets to be closed as and when an alarm is removed in eG Enterprise;