Agent Per System

By default, eG’s single agent license is tied to one IP address of a host. That is, if a host has multiple IP addresses, the eG Enterprise system requires one internal agent license for each IP address that is managed internally. Likewise, if multiple nicknames are used for the same IP address, a separate internal agent license is used for each unique nickname that has been specified. In many large environments, a single server has many IP addresses, each with different nicknames. The Agent Per System capability (also known as the System Agent Module) is intended to optimize the internal agent license usage in such large infrastructures. If this capability is enabled by the eG license, the administrator has the option of overriding the default eG agent licensing policy. For example, suppose a host A has two IP addresses and, and that the first IP address has already been managed in the eG Enterprise system. When adding the second IP address,, the administrator has the option of overriding eG Enterprise's default internal agent licensing policy – in this example, the administrator can indicate that the internal agent for the IP address is actually the one that is already associated with the IP address By doing so, the administrator can ensure that a single agent license is sufficient to manage all the IP addresses and applications executing on a host.