Configuration Reporting and Change Tracking

The license-controlled Configuration Management capability of the solution, when enabled, employs agent-based and agentless mechanisms to extract critical configuration and change details from each of the managed components in the environment, stores the data so collected in a central repository, and allows administrators to periodically query on the data via a 100%, web-based, easy-to-use Configuration Management console so that, the following tasks can be performed with elan:

  • From time-to-time, take stock of the applications, operating systems, devices, software, hardware, and services that are available in the environment;
  • Quickly access the basic configuration information pertaining to any system/application in the environment;
  • Accurately identify systems on which critical services have stopped, or on which mandatory software is missing;
  • Detect unplanned/unauthorized configuration changes with minimal effort;
  • Assess how a configuration change could have influenced overall performance/health of the system/application;
  • Run periodic checks to verify whether the entire infrastructure adheres to defined standards or not, and thus isolate deviations;