Manager Redundancy

To ensure high availability of the eG monitoring solution, eG Enterprise offers a redundant manager option wherein a secondary manager can act as an active or passive standby for the primary manager. This capability, together with the ability to deploy redundant external agents in multiple locations, ensures that there is no single point of failure for the monitoring solution. The Manager Redundancy is a license-controlled feature of eG Enterprise, and is governed by the Cluster Type option in the eG license. If the Cluster Type license option contains the value Not Supported, it indicates that the current installation of eG Enterprise supports a single manager only. If Cluster Type is set to Active-Active or Active-Passive, then it indicates that manager redundancy has been enabled for that eG installation. A cluster can have only a single primary manager and a single secondary manager. An Active-Active cluster is one where both the primary and secondary managers can both have agents reporting measures to them during normal operation (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 : An Active-Active Manager Cluster

Alternatively, administrators can opt for an Active-Passive setup wherein the primary manager alone will manage all the agents deployed during normal operation. The secondary manager in such a setup will remain passive - i.e., will be up and running, but will not manage any agents unless the primary manager becomes unavailable (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 : An Active-Passive Manager Cluster