Server-based eG Monitoring License

By default, the eG monitoring license is server-based. For each server, a unique nick name is assigned and an eG monitor license is required. The number of eG monitors that can be deployed in the target infrastructure is controlled by the eG monitoring license.

eG Enterprise supports agent-based and agentless monitoring. The eG monitors can be inter-changeably used and the IT manager has complete flexibility in deciding which servers to monitor with agents and which ones to monitor without agents. Any combination of agent and agentless monitoring can be used and eG Enterprise still provides a consistent view of metrics across these different monitor types.

Since the license is deployed on the eG manager, there is no need to deploy any licenses on the agents. Furthermore, the eG license only controls the number of monitors that are deployed. It does not control which servers are monitored. Hence, the IT manager can decide to monitor one set of servers this week and over the next week, can choose to deploy the monitoring on a completely different set of servers. As long as the total number of monitors being deployed is within the limit indicated in the license, your eG Enterprise system will function correctly.

Server-based licensing is ideal for environments where a large number of users access a few servers – eg., in  server-based environments (e.g., Citrix XenApp) hosted on physical servers having 100-200 users per server. In this case, the cost of the monitoring license is amortized across the users, thus making server-based licensing a cost-effective choice.

There are different types of monitors supported by the eG server-based license.