The Application Monitor

To monitor applications such as Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL server, web servers like Apache and IIS, Java application servers like Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere, Citrix XenApp and Terminal servers, or any of the other 200+ applications that eG Enterprise supports, you will need an application monitor for each server to be monitored. In the eG license, this is referred to as a premium monitor. One premium monitor is required for each server operating system being monitored (assuming one IP address per operating system). This means that eG’s licensing is not for individual applications. If multiple applications run on the same system (e.g., IIS, SQL server and Tomcat all run on the same system), a single premium monitor license will suffice. Likewise, eG’s licensing model allows IT managers great flexibility in deploying the monitoring. The eG Enterprise does not use the concept of knowledge modules or smart plugins for each application to be monitored. This means an IT manager can use an eG license to monitor an Oracle database on one day and reuse the same license to monitor a Citrix XenApp server on another day. Note that an application monitor includes the capabilities of an OS monitor, so a separate OS monitor license is not required if a server already has an application monitor license.