The purpose of an IT infrastructure monitoring solution is to observe the performance of the applications, devices, and systems that underlie their mission-critical service offerings, proactively detect potential deviations, and promptly alert administrators to the root-cause of service outages/slowdowns. To be able to provide such critical performance monitoring and fault management services in a timely, reliable, and uninterrupted manner, the monitoring solution , like the components it monitors, should perform at peak capacity at all times!

An efficient monitoring solution is one that not only monitors other applications but also analyzes its own performance at periodic intervals. This way, the solution can instantly capture snags in its operations, accurately point administrators to the source of these performance degradations, and facilitate the speedy resolution of issues. In the absence of such self-monitoring capabilities, you may end up in a situation where slowdowns experienced by the monitoring solution - say, owing to a session overload, a backend that is low on space, or data collectors that are not operating - delay problem identification and alerting in the target environment, causing issues to go unnoticed or to aggravate.

To avoid such unpleasant eventualities, the eG Enterprise provides a dedicated eG Manager monitoring model. To know more about monitoring the eG Manager refer to, Monitoring the eG Manager topic.