Pre-requisites for Installing the eG Mobile App

The eG Mobile App can be installed on a mobile device configured with Android or iOS operating system. To install the mobile app on your mobile device, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled.

Software Requirements

  • A mobile phone by Android OS v8 and above;
  • An iPhone running iOS v10.0 and above;

 Other Requirements

  • The eG manager and the eG Mobile App should be able to communicate with each other; for that, you should enable WiFi or mobile data network connection on your mobile device.
  • The eG Mobile App cannot establish connection with an eG manager that has been SSL-enabled using an untrusted SSL certificate. To avoid the SSL connection error, do either of the following methods:

    1. Enable SSL on the eG manager using a trusted SSL certificate only, or
    2. Configure the eG Mobile App with a non-SSL eG manager.
  • If the mobile device is connected to both Private and Public networks, then you can access the eG manager using anyone of the networks.
  • If the mobile device has only Private or Public network connection, then the eG manager can be accessed only through the corresponding network that is active on your mobile device.
  • To receive the push notifications (on your mobile device), you need to configure the eG manager to communicate with the mail server in your environment. To configure the mail settings, login to the eG administrative interface as admin, and follow the menu sequence, Alerts -> Mail Settings -> Server Settings. Using the Mail Server Settings page that then appears, configure the IP address, port number, and access credentials (if authentication is required) of the SMTP mail server in your environment. For more details about configuring the mail server settings, refer to Administering eG Enterprise document. In addition, you need to fulfill the following pre-requsites to receive the push notifications:

    • The push notifications. will be sent using cloud-based messaging gateway, so the eG manager that is being configured should have access to the INternet.

    • eG Monitor app sends the push notifications using OneSignal as a messaging gateway, therefore, the eG manger should have outbound access to

    • Your mobile device should be enabled with Internet access.