In large IT environments that are installed with multiple network devices/applications, a dedicated Syslog server is configured for gathering and saving all the error and warning messages from the network devices/applications. The error and warning messages that logged in the syslog server, are generated by programs and sometimes by the kernel itself. It is important to look and monitor at syslog log’s on a regular and continual basis to locate and fix the issues quickly. Some environments may not be configured with the dedicated syslog server to collect the syslog messages. In such environments, an eG agent installed on the Windows system can be configured as a syslog service to collect syslog messages from multiple network devices/applications. These messages are displayed in the eG Enterprise console.

Using the syslog messages displayed in the eG Enterprise console, administrators can easily detect and troubleshoot hardware and software issues as well as application and host configuration errors. In addition, these messages also play a vital role in security auditing and incident response. If the messages are not addressed in time, it may cause serious uncertainties in the environment, thus severely impacting the performance. To avoid such adversities, the messages logged in the syslog file should be continuously monitored. The eG Enterprise helps administrators in this task!