Syslog Messages by Facility Test

eG Syslog server consolidates error/warning messages that are received from multiple systems in your environment into a single location. These error/warning messages are generated by any part/process of the system and are logged in the syslog file. The error/warning messages are broadly categorized on the basis of which process/part of the system generated the messages. This categorization is done using the concept called Facilities that are components of the systems and are represented by decimal integers. By referring to the values corresponding to these facilities, administrator can easily determine the part/process of the system that created the error/warning messages. Sometimes, administrator may only want to receive the messages from certain parts/processes of the system that are critical for the purpose of tracking performance of the system and for troubleshooting. In such cases, administrator can use the Syslog Messages by Facility test to filter out the messages of his/her interest. For that purpose, this test enables administrator to configure specific patterns of the error or warning messages based on which the messages should be filtered.

This test periodically mines the Syslog file for specific patterns of error/warning messages configured by administrator and reports the number of messages that match each configured pattern. This way, administrator is alerted to the errors/warnings at the systems and enabled to initiate the necessary remedial actions swiftly.

Target of the test : eG Syslog

Agent deploying the test : An internal agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for the every patternName configured in the Include Patterns text box

The figure below depicts the test configuration page of this test. Click on the parameters in the figure below to know what they are and how to configure them.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Number of Messages

Indicates the number of messages in the specified Syslog file that matched this pattern.


The detailed diagnosis of this measure reveals the host IP, the time stamp and the log message.