CASE STUDY: Leading Commercial Services Company Boosts User Productivity & Reduces Support Costs with Performance Monitoring

higgins-logoHiggins is one of the leading commercial services companies in Australia. Established in 1949, Higgins has over 800 employees and contractors across 11 branch offices supported by a centralized IT environment that delivers business critical applications to end users. For example, key applications are accessed by employees from branch offices through Citrix XenApp. For operational efficiency, Higgins’ IT infrastructure is fully virtualized. Citrix XenServer is used to virtualize the Citrix applications while the rest of the infrastructure runs on VMware vSphere.


As the organization grew, the IT infrastructure had become increasingly critical for the company’s business. Higgins’ small IT team was using a number of diverse monitoring tools that often required a lengthy, manual process for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems. This started to affect user productivity and impact critical business processes.

“It was very difficult to monitor and troubleshoot our complicated IT environment with the small IT team that we have. We would need multiple resources with expert skills to do manually what eG Enterprise does for us with automatic diagnosis of performance issues,” adds Damian Davies, IT Manager at Higgins.


After selecting and implementing eG Enterprise, the Higgins IT team is now able to maintain user satisfaction and give their management peace of mind. The monitoring solution has also significantly increased the IT team’s productivity. Prior to using eG Enterprise, Higgins estimated that approximately 10% of the IT team’s time was spent on troubleshooting and system monitoring. This time is now spent productively, on strategic IT initiatives.

With eG Enterprise the Higgins team is able to monitor the entire IT infrastructure from end to end – from a single web-console. Their outsourced IT provider also has access to the eG Enterprise console, allowing them and the Higgins IT staff to have a common, consistent view of the performance of their IT infrastructure. With eG Enterprise, Higgins fully unlocked the benefits of seamless application delivery to remote end users. eG Enterprise enabled the Higgins IT team to increase end user satisfaction and productivity, reduce IT support incidents, cost and complexity, decrease downtime and realize faster problem resolution.

“The support from eG Innovations has been amazing. They went above and beyond to help us get everything configured initially and then reconfigured again after our infrastructure refresh. I wish all our vendors were so responsive and helpful!” says Damian Davies.

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