Citrix Blog on the eG Innovations-Citrix Partnership

Ed Hubbard from Citrix writes in his recent blog post:

Steak & Sizzle, that’s what makes a great program announcement for Citrix and it’s what our best partners concentrate on as they are planning future product integrations and the corresponding announcements. Let’s drill down a little here on what makes for great steak and great sizzle:

■ Steak – With a great product integration, extension or complementary solution built around Citrix products, we will naturally want to support these with more vigor in our programs, shows and in the marketplace. Making your solutions specific to their Citrix counterparts is paramount in both delivering a combined solution that is polished and one that provides outstanding joint value for customers. Bringing a standard, undifferentiated product to the table is fine, but realize you’re bringing low-grade hamburgers to a cookout where other partners have brought fillets.
■ Sizzle – No matter how good the steak is you bring to the cookout, we know the sizzle is what’s going to bring customers to the table. Once you’ve done the homework, and built an excellent integration with Citrix products, you want to grab the attention of Citrix, our channel partners, our marketing and sales organizations, and our joint customers. To do this you need to think through a program like eG’s free offer for XenDesktop customers, special pricing, a bundle promotion or other programs that would make sense for your product or solution that really draws customers into considering our joint solutions.

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