With eG Innovations about to celebrate its 20th year as a global ISV within the application and IT infrastructure digital experience monitoring (DEM) space, we thought it would be good to reflect on eG Innovations through the eyes of a new-starter, Mike Ferioli (MF), who recently joined the UK&I sales team in our London, Baker Street office.

Abhilash Warrier (AW): As a new hire with a wealth of experience within ITSM, we asked Mike what his key takeaways looked like on eG Innovations?

Mike: I think first and foremost is the fact the company has grown progressively over the past two decades including investing in localized resources, such as our 11 strategically placed regional offices covering the globe. What this means is, our resellers and managed service provider (MSP) partners and their customers are assured of follow-the-sun support, which historically has been a solid foundation in eG Innovation’s customer successes.

Secondly, DEM is continuously evolving with technology vendors trying to develop capabilities that deliver value whilst further differentiating themselves amongst an ever-growing competitive landscape. eG Innovation’s deep-domain expertise as a Citrix-Ready DEM solution has remained committed to investing heavily in R&D with tech-innovations that truly deliver above and beyond in terms of correlating that high-density data across IT application and infrastructure with the aim of developing an advanced 360-degree visibility for accurate root-cause diagnostics, reporting, AIOps, real-user monitoring (RUM), and synthetic analysis helping drive business value and positive customer experience as outcomes – this has been key to its current growth and on-going partner/customer successes.

So, what does all the focus on end-user experience mean exactly? It means our partners can more predictably reduce their operational debt in terms of improved end user experiences, MTTRs, First-time Fixes, reduced need to call on tier-3 SMEs, improved automation, and service level management KPIs, such as SLAs and OLAs, amongst more… Including improved agility and resource alignment to drive new innovations back to their business customers.

On a final note, it did strike me as uncanny where our UK&I office is located. When you think of Baker Street in London, you immediately think of Sherlock Holmes whose fictional home is very near our office. Why uncanny? Mr. Holmes is famous for his criminal investigatory deductive talents in solving the most complex cases and was always successful in finding the root causes with the outcome of delivering offenders to justice. In some ways, this is pretty much what eG Innovations does in terms of its tech capabilities with deep root-cause diagnostics and reporting analytics, eG Enterprise Manager correlates vast amounts of data across all tiers and layers to accurately pinpoint where the offending causes are most likely to be…

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

eG Innovation’s physical offices are in The Hague (NL), London (UK), Bonn (DE), Chennai (India), Singapore, Seoul (Korea), Melbourne (AUS), Brazil, Iselin (NJ, USA), Vancouver (Canada), and Hong Kong with additional local staff and partners in many other countries.

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