Visit eG Innovations at Booth #1807 at VMware Explore 2022

VMware VMworld is back! And with a new name, VMware Explore 2022 will be in San Francisco, CA – August 29 – September 1, 2022, and we’d love for you visit us at Booth #1807, talk to our experts, have a hands-on go with the eG Enterprise product and find out how AIOps driven digital employee experience management and monitoring technologies can automate root-cause diagnosis of IT issues!

Our partnership with VMware goes back a long way. We have been a VMware Ready partner since 2007. Customers and service providers can use our solutions in different ways along with VMware technologies:

  • For Monitoring VMware Horizon Digital Workspaces:

    Over the years, VMware Horizon has emerged as one of the key technology options for delivering virtual applications and desktops. eG Innovations has been delivering end-to-end monitoring, diagnosis and analytics capabilities for VMware Horizon workspaces, irrespective of whether they are using dedicated virtual desktops (persistent or non-persistent) or shared hosted applications or desktops using VMware RDSH. Visit our booth to see demos of our latest capabilities for monitoring VMware Horizon. See for yourself how with its unique inside and outside monitoring of VMs, eG Enterprise goes well beyond VMware vROps to provide true end-to-end VMware digital workspace monitoring.

  • For Full Stack Observability:

    eG Enterprise has been one of the earliest monitoring solutions to focus on analytics rather than just collecting monitoring metrics. The various AIOps technologies embedded in our eG Enterprise suite enables automated root-cause diagnosis and intelligent dynamic alerting, removing the need to calculate metric thresholds and manually tune systems. Visit our booth to see live demos of unified application and infrastructure monitoring from one web console, proactive monitoring of real user experience and drilldowns that show different scenarios including application code-level issues as well as infrastructure bottlenecks and how they affect application performance.

  • For Monitoring VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid:

    Containers and Kubernetes are growing in importance in on-prem and especially cloud environments. While these technologies offer great flexibility and scale, they pose interesting challenges for monitoring technologies. Visit our booth to see how eG Enterprise can auto-discover and auto-instrument your VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environments, so you get full visibility – into the hardware, orchestration, container and application layers.

About eG Innovations

eG Innovations provides the world’s leading enterprise-class performance management solution that enables organizations to reliably deliver mission-critical business services across complex cloud, virtual, and physical IT environments. Where traditional monitoring tools often fail to provide insight into the performance drivers of business services and user experience, eG Innovations provides total performance visibility across every layer and every tier of the IT infrastructure that supports the business service chain. From desktops to applications, from servers to network and storage, eG Innovations helps companies proactively discover, instantly diagnose, and rapidly resolve even the most challenging performance and user experience issues.

eG Innovations’ award-winning solutions are trusted by the world’s most demanding companies to ensure end user productivity, deliver return on transformational IT investments, and keep business services up and running. Customers include Anthem, Humana, Staples, T-Mobile, Cox Communications, eBay, Denver Health, AXA, Aviva, Southern California Edison, Samsung, and many more. To learn more visit

eG Enterprise is an Observability solution for Modern IT. Monitor digital workspaces,
web applications, SaaS services, cloud and containers from a single pane of glass.

eG Enterprise is an Observability solution for Modern IT. Monitor digital workspaces,
web applications, SaaS services, cloud and containers from a single pane of glass.