Join eG Innovations @ VMXpo in Austin

Citrix Whitehat challenge the most difficult Citrix environment in Texas-resized-600Citrix application and desktop virtualization solutions (XenApp and XenDesktop) are powerful and effective products when implementations are designed, installed and nurtured properly.

The problem is that a Citrix installation touches virtually every other subsystem in an enterprise, and if one of those interaction points is out of whack, the users let IT know in no uncertain terms that “Citrix is slow!”. Our experience tells us that Citrix is the real problem only about 20% of the time, but nevertheless, it is a problem.

Well, Whitehat Virtual Technologies decided to do something about this issue with its “Most Challenging Citrix Environment” Contest run in conjunction with their virtualization and mobility expo called VMXpo on Sept. 4th in Austin TX. Whitehat has invited the entire Citrix community to submit their nastiest Citrix problem or system, then they will pick the worst one at the show, and fix it for FREE shortly thereafter.

When the project is complete, they will report back to all attendees as to what the problem was and how it was resolved. “If it wasn’t for excellent, comprehensive performance monitoring tools like eG Enterprise, we could never afford to offer this service for free.” says Whitehat Virtual CEO Val King.  “With its correlation engine and root-cause analysis capability, we feel very comfortable that we will find any issues and be able to resolve them rapidly. We want to demonstrate that with tools like eG, problems can be easily resolved and Citrix will be slow no more!”