Leading Hospital Manages Citrix Performance with eG Enterprise

The GHZ Hospital in the Netherlands is a modern hospital providing inpatient and outpatient care to 140,000 patients a year. Quality of service is paramount for GHZ. So when the hospital’s clients were frustrated by the amount of time they had to wait for service because the medical applications were slow or were not working in their new Citrix-based IT infrastructure, the hospital’s IT team looked for a performance management solution that could give them better and deeper visibility into their growing Citrix infrastructure. GHZ Case StudyChallenges in the New Citrix Environment

The hospital’s IT team found it difficult to troubleshoot problems in the new infrastructure which has many heterogeneous tiers with complex inter-dependencies between them. It often required costly experts from external suppliers or the hospital’s expert IT team to be involved in troubleshooting performance problems. The complexity of the infrastructure also meant that problem resolution took longer.

“The shift to the Citrix infrastructure gave us a lot of benefits but it also created new problems. We are a very small IT department and do not have the bandwidth or the expertise to deal with the new problems that started coming up with this new infrastructure. As a result, we were very reactive and we were constantly responding after incidents had already happened”, said Peter Bakker, IT Manager of the GHZ.

The Solution: Intelligent Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise

With eG Enterprise, the hospital’s IT team now has complete 360° visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. All infrastructure tiers can be managed from a central web console and administrators even have visibility into parts of the infrastructure that are outsourced to third parties.

“We have had the solution deployed for several months now and we are extremely happy with the software and the support we have been receiving from eG Innovations. Given the scale of our operations, we needed a solution that was easy to maintain, so our administrators do not have to spend a lot of time to keep the monitoring system up and running. The eG Enterprise solution does exactly that”, said Peter Bakker.

“Earlier, our IT operations was very reactive. Now with eG Enterprise, we have become much more proactive. We are able to exactly determine where our bottlenecks are and can get working on them well in advance – before users notice. Our helpdesk and support teams have become more efficient and are saving time and money by solving issues quickly. We estimate that we are saving at least $120,000 a year just on our improved operational efficiency.”

How the Hospital is Benefiting from eG Enterprise

  • The hospital’s IT team has deep visibility into every layer, every tier of the Citrix infrastructure.
  • Administrators are seeing problems well before they happen and have become proactive.
  • The IT team is now able to determine exactly where the bottlenecks lie and can get working on these areas well in advance – before users notice.
  • The hospital estimates that it saves about $120,000 a year by leveraging eG Enterprise to optimize its IT operations.
  • Clients are satisfied because the hospital’s systems and applications are performing well.

For more details, read the full GHZ case study.

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