New Technology Brings New Challenges, Requires New Solutions!

Dont believe me?

Anybody who has worked with any decent sized virtual desktop deployment has seen this before. Virus-scans on all the virtual desktops start around the same time, draining the physical server of resources. In fact, as

Simon Crosby, CTO of Citrix, points out on his blog that endpoint security agents on each of the VMs waste CPU, memory, and storage resources, especially in VDI environments with hundreds of desktops per physical server. The joint Citrix/McAfee solution will include a separate security VM that will be responsible for scans on each of the virtual desktops, and by having a single point of control, the solution will ensure better performance and scalability for VDI, by ensuring that scanning of all the desktops does not happen at the same time.

The direct analogy of this in the performance monitoring space is what we at eG Innovations have been advocating for a while now – there is no need for individual monitoring agents on each and every virtual desktop. eG’s In-N-Out monitoring technology for virtual infrastructures (virtual servers and virtual desktops) does exactly this. Without requiring agents on each and every desktop, the eG Enterprise solution can provide in-depth insights about all the applications running on the virtual desktop and their relative resource usage. As in the case of the security agents, not having a performance monitoring agent on every desktop saves CPU, memory, and storage resources.

For more details on eG’s VDI monitoring solution, see this link –