New VDI Webinar: Top-5 Best Practices for Virtual Desktop Success

VDI Performance WebinarJoin the on-demand VDI Webinar Top-5 Best Practices for Virtual Desktop Success (presented by the 451 Group and eG Innovations) and learn how to deliver VDI performance assurance, user satisfaction, and ROI.

Virtual desktop and VDI initiatives promise a variety of benefits – but the underlying IT architecture adds significant complexity and risk. Virtual desktop users expect application delivery to be as fast and reliable as their physical desktop experience. A single failure in the service infrastructure can bring virtual desktop performance to a crawl, and significantly impact user productivity and business processes. And when a user calls about “slow applications”, how do you discover and quickly fix the true service performance bottleneck: Is it the network? Profile server? Web? Desktop Virtualization platform? Storage?

Join the on-demand webinar ( and learn from desktop transformation experts Karin Kelley (451 Group) and Srinivas Ramanathan (eG Innovations) about the top-5 best practices on how to build scalable performance assurance into virtual desktop environments, and how to provide end-to-end performance visibility across every layer and every tier of dynamic service infrastructures – from virtual desktops to applications, and from the network to storage. Learn how to proactively manage service performance so you can make informed IT operations decisions, move from insight to action, and quickly resolve the root cause of service performance issues – before they impact user productivity and the success of your desktop transformation initiative.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!