Partner Solutions Keeps Insurance Services Running With eG Innovations

Partner Solutions provides its customers with turn-key managed insurance solutions. Over 69 independent insurance brokers and resellers across Canada rely on Partner Solutions IT services to reliably and quickly send insurance applications and claims to and from their insurance partners. If performance of the service is poor, insurance brokers cannot submit their
clients’ forms. Therefore, high IT service availability and top-notch networking performance is a must.

The insurance applications are hosted on virtualized Citrix XenApp servers, and brokers access these applications using thin clients. In addition to dedicated insurance services, Partner Solutions offers customers a complete complement of Microsoft software including email access and calendaring. All of the applications are virtualized on VMware.

Partner Solutions Case Study

Despite rapid user base growth over the past two years, the Partner Solutions IT team continued to troubleshoot IT performance and user exerience issues manually. This approach created undue stress on the customer support organization, slowed issue resolution and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

“When performing updates to our IT environment we would sometimes run into a few bottlenecks. Prior to eG Innovations, we had a very hard time identifying and rectifying the issue quickly.” adds Roberto Trombino, Technical Team Lead at Partner Solutions.

With eG Enterprise, the Partner Solutions IT team now monitors the entire infrastructure from a single web-based management console. This 360-degree service visibility into every tier and every layer of the IT infrastructure – from network to applications – combined with powerful analytics, reporting and auto-diagnosis capabilities helps Partner Solutions dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performance issues.

“Now that we have deployed eG Enterprise, we can see and understand our whole IT infrastructure end-to-end, eliminate issues quickly, and ensure optimum performance. This is putting us one step ahead of our customers and we are now in full control of the user experience” said Roberto Trombino.

This integrated approach helps Partner Solutions keep customers happy and productive by:

  • Decreasing downtime and accelerating problem resolution
  • Reducing IT support incidents, cost & complexity
  • Increasing end user satisfaction and productivity
  • Enabling faster and more accurate right-sizing of the IT infrastructure to keep up with business growth


Read the full case study here.

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