Performance Management in Virtualized Citrix XenApp Environments – Watch the Live Demo

As organizations migrate their Citrix XenApp environment to virtual platforms to increase flexibility and reduce cost, the challenges of managing performance and user experience become more complex. You now have another tier in the infrastructure and even more dependencies between IT service components.

Trying to manually investigate the cause of any performance problem across the network, physical and virtual servers, and within the application components themselves is time consuming, wastes valuable technical resources, and leads to dissatisfaction among users who expected Desktop Transformation to improve their experience, not make it worse.

Having won numerous awards for both its Citrix and Virtualization performance management and monitoring solutions Monitors, eG Innovations is the clear choice for organizations wanting a best-of-breed solution to manage the combined virtualized infrastructure.

Join eG’s Live Product Tour and see for yourself how eG:

  • Provides deep insights into the performance of your Citrix XenApp servers and the virtual platform they are running on,
  • Automatically correlates all performance events from both the physical and virtual tiers of your XenApp Service and automatically (!) diagnoses the cause of any performance problem,
  • Can automatically learn how your infrastructure performs over time to baseline KPI’s and pro-actively warn of problems before any service impact,
  • Will give you details of user sessions and user/application resource consumption for effective workload planning and infrastructure management to reduce cost.

If you are tired of the fingerpointing at Citrix (or now virtualization!) then register for this event series:

April 11, 2012 @ 11:00 AM PT (San Francisco) | 2:00 PM ET (New York) | 7:00 PM UK (London) | 8:00 PM CET (Berlin)
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April 19, 2012 @ 2:00 PM UK (London) | 3:00 PM CET (Paris, Berlin)
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April 25, 2012 @ 1:00 PM (Indonesia) | 2:00 PM SGT (China, Singapore) | 3:00 PM JST (Tokyo) | 4:00 PM AST (Syndey)
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We look forward to seeing you online!

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