Infrastructure as Code – IAC for Azure

Infrastructure as code and automating deployment and scale-up/down in Azure is becoming the new normal. Today’s blog is just a collection of the hottest and most ubiquitous automation technologies you are likely to see in the Azure ecosystem augmenting and extending the limitations of the native functionality, plus some links to the best bloggers, how-to-guides, and places to find information.

AIOps Strategy and Management

Enterprises that adopt AIOps are finding that their employees are more productive and spend more time on innovation when AIOps is freeing them from troubleshooting and other fire-fighting activities. This blog covers how to establish your AIOps strategy in 3 steps.

AIOps 101

AIOps is a key technology for IT operations management today. It holds the promise of IT management proactive and automated. In this blog, we discuss the fundamental conceps of AIOps and why many organizations are looking to deploy this technology.

How to Set up Azure Monitor for WVD

Microsoft WVD is growing in popularity and Microsoft has released Azure Monitor for WVD recently. In this blog, we discuss how to set up Azure Monitor to track the usage and performance of WVD.

Synthetic Monitoring of Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS WorkSpaces are being used by organizations to deploy virtual desktops quickly and easily in the cloud. In this blog, we discuss how simulation techniques can be used to track the performance of AWS WorkSpace 24x7, from a user perspective.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a Microsoft Azure-based service for delivering virtual desktops to users from the cloud. WVD is fast emerging as one of the popular means of supporting digital workspaces. In this blog, we explain what is WVD, how is it architected and its benefits.

How to Solve Slow Server Response Times

Quickly Triage Complex Server and IT Problems One of the most common and yet difficult things for any admin to accomplish is to trouble shoot end user “slow-time” issues. Application, database, network and server unresponsiveness or “slow-time” negatively affects enterprise...

Cloud Performance Management and Monitoring

Cloud Based Monitoring for Top System Performance For long, cloud performance management and monitoring has been an overloaded term. Many refer to this term as the ability to collect metrics from public cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. At eG Innovations, we believe that there...

Outages Bring Cloud Monitoring in Focus!

Over the last week, Amazon’s cloud service had a serious outage that caused many popular web businesses to go offline for several hours and resulted in significant loss of business. All of a sudden, many in the press (and users as well!) are beginning to realize that applications hosted in...