VDI Monitoring

Since virtual desktops are VMs, many IT admins try to use virtual machine monitoring tools for VDI as well. In this blog, we explain why VDI monitoring has unique requirements and why virtual server monitoring tools are not sufficient for VDI monitoring.

Citrix GPU Monitoring

Monitoring for Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and VMWare Horizon Infrastructures A Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) is a specialized integrated chip designed to handle graphics processing for applications like 3-D gaming, scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and industrial applications like...

VDI Monitoring Solutions

eG VDI Monitor Capabilities Video

Just back from VMworld Europe. Lots of people had heard about eG’s new VDI monitoring announcement and stopped by our booth to see our demos. While the Europe event had only about 1/3rd the attendance compared to the US event, we ended up with the same number of leads! If you are one of...

Citrix XenDesktop Monitoring

How eG Enterprise value-adds to Citrix XenDesktop

Lots of announcements from Citrix at Citrix Synergy in Berlin yesterday. One of the most significant ones is Citrix’s announcement of XenDesktop 5 – the latest and greatest in VDI connection broker technology. XenDesktop 5 features a simpler and more powerful user interface, enhanced...