Since eG Innovations was founded in the summer of  2001, a colleague recently asked me about our 20th Anniversary, which we celebrate this year. But as the COVID epidemic rages across India this anniversary is bittersweet, as many of my friends and co-workers in the US have family in India and indeed many co-workers are in our teams there. Please pray for them and help if you can. For me, it’s been 20 years since eG entered the US marketplace-at that time, I was one of their first customers and have remained close to them ever since. For a company to survive two decades in an unbelievably complex and competitive performance monitoring landscape is no small feat, and I believe we are still a ‘gem’ in an often confused and fragmented marketplace.

For two decades, eG Innovations has remained laser focused on our original vision and mission, which translates to helping customers answer the question, why is my application slow? With customer experience driving competitive advantage today, turning IT investments into competitive advantage is impossible without assuring the performance of websites, applications, and digital user experience.

The patented analytics embedded in the eG monitor have a proven ability to isolate complex performance problems across heterogeneous, multi-vendor IT ecosystems amid a changing technology landscape.

From the early days of web applications, to virtualized infrastructures, cloud deployment models, code-level correlation, and today’s container-based applications eG Enterprise has continued to automate the isolation of which layer of which component is the source of a performance anomaly.

98% of user experience problems result from IT problemsIn fact, as Forrester recently stated almost all user experience issues rely on multiple parts of increasingly complex, multi-vendor IT ecosystems. It’s no wonder that IT organizations are furiously focused on culture change (can you say DevOps?), automation (can you say SRE?) and leveraging AI (can you say AIOps?).

Having been on a two-decade journey with eG Innovations, I’m often finding myself saying ‘wait a minute, haven’t we been doing that!?…’

For example, our fully converged APM/IPM architecture provides a level of performance transparency that is ideal for dealing with the ‘IT silo’ challenge. We have old slides with ‘no more silos’ that are 15 years old; well before the DevOps movement began.

We’ve also been leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to auto-baseline the infrastructure and dynamically determine alert thresholds–and have been refining this capability for two decades.

And of course, what we used to call ‘automated-triage’, our use of a Command Line Interface and (more recently) the addition of a REST-API addresses many critical IT operational automation requirements (i.e., AIOps, SRE).

There are other competitors, who can rattle off some or all of these features, in most cases through acquisitions, and this is another area that differentiates eG Innovations.

eG Enterprise is a single product, architected by a single company that embeds deep domain expertise across diverse, heterogeneous, and multi-vendor components. The Universal Monitor and Unified Monitoring approach is ideal for customers, who need a 360° view of end-user experience.

Platform Integration management requires constant context switchingPerhaps more importantly, this level of automated visibility can be tailored to a customer’s requirements, allowing IT staff to focus on configuring and using a monitor, as opposed to building and integrating diverse monitoring toolsets.

Finally, monitoring and observability go hand in hand. Digital business services that are designed with observability in mind provide mechanisms that build telemetry into the service that can trigger self-healing through embedded analytics and automated diagnostics.

Monitoring provides critical feedback to design and development and is required for effective observability. The eG architecture can help your staff remain focused on configuring and tuning the monitor for business results, not creating a monitoring system from scratch.

So, if you need 360° visibility from workspaces to workloads, help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by giving us a look.

We’ll both be glad you did.


Total Performance Visibility: from Workspaces to Workloads


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