What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a Microsoft Azure-based service for delivering virtual desktops to users from the cloud. WVD is fast emerging as one of the popular means of supporting digital workspaces. In this blog, we explain what is WVD, how is it architected and its benefits.

Citrix EdgeSight

Citrix EdgeSight: You Are Missed

As you may have noticed, Citrix dropped the EdgeSight name in Director 7.9. And although some of the EdgeSight features have been included in Citrix Director, the full capabilities of EdgeSight are no longer available. We took a quick poll of Citrix professionals about this development. Based on...

Citrix Performance Monitoring Miconception

What is Needed for Citrix Performance Monitoring?

There has been a lot of confusion around what tools and technologies are required to effectively monitor Citrix infrastructures. Rachel Berry, who was a product manager at Citrix, wrote on her blog about the enormous number of monitoring solutions available that could be used for Citrix...

Citrix Synergy

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations.

eG Enterprise: Exclusive Performance Monitoring Solution for Synergy ’15, Summit ’16 and Synergy ’16 This week, eG Innovations announced that Citrix has selected eG Enterprise as the exclusive performance monitoring solution for on-site physical and virtual infrastructure...

Total performance management and monitoring for Citrix Service Providers

Total Performance Management for Citrix Service Providers

As every Citrix Service Provider (CSP) can attest, delighted customers and enthusiastic references are the basis for high renewal rates and new wins. eG Enterprise has been addressing performance monitoring and management for on-premises organizations for many years. And although CSPs may...

Biggest Citrix Performance Monitoring Concerns

The Biggest Citrix Performance Monitoring Concerns

For years, the biggest complaint of Citrix admins has been that they get blamed for all user experience issues. Over all these years, this situation has not fundamentally changed. 53% of the respondents in our recent Citrix Performance Management Report face this issue regularly.  Two other...