The 451 Group Reviews eG Enterprise-On-Tap

The 451 Group recently reviewed the eG Innovations’ eG Enterprise-on-Tap cloud hosted monitoring service. In this note, Dennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software at the 451 Group writes “We think it could be a compelling service for eG Innovations’ customers and prospects, especially service providers and enterprises with significant private cloud investments. We’ve always been impressed with the technology behind this company. Judging from its latest release and improved customer adoption, the marketing side of the house seems to be catching up. “. To read the complete report, please see

On eG Innovations, the report goes on to add “Unlike many startups, especially in the IT performance management space, eG Innovations is competing for and winning some enterprise deals.” The excellent return on investment that it offers is one of the main reasons many large enterprises are turning to eG Enterprise. The many benefits that eG Enterprise offers to enterprises are well documented in this TechValidate survey of 250 enterprise users who have deployed eG Enterprise in the recent past – click here to read the survey results >>>