VDI Monitoring – Why can’t I use my existing system monitoring solution?

Here’s something that we’ve started seeing more and more. The folks deploying virtual desktop architectures want to get visibility into their VDI deployments. Often, they have to rely on their enterprise monitoring teams for the monitoring software, alerts, and reports.

For years, enterprise monitoring teams have been using one of the Big-4 solutions to monitor OS metrics – CPU, memory, disk, etc. Now, they look at VDI in the same way – they provide the VDI team with CPU, memory, disk metrics!

What the VDI team wants is metrics specific to the service they are delivering – is the vCenter server up? how many users are connected? is any of the users seeing a high response time? is any user running an application that is consuming a lot of CPU or memory? All of these are VDI-specific metrics.

Unfortunately, these are not metrics that any of the Big-4 management frameworks can offer today. The VDI team hits a roadblock – they cant get the enterprise monitoring team to see why they need different metrics – havent they been providing the same metrics for other applications before!

We have started seeing this many times now. Here’s the latest from one of our prospects – “We’re a fairly large infrastructure so we have monitoring tools in place for traditional stuff. When it comes to VDI we’re finding that it is hard to find products we need. Our monitoring teams simply do not understand our business requirements and therefore do not see value in our requests. Typical responses are things like – we don’t do that today. why do you have a sudden need to do that now?

If you are one of the folks in this situation, you will find our whitepaper on VDI monitoring useful as you build your case for a monitoring system that can understand and address your VDI-specific monitoring needs. Download this whitepaper from here >>>