Visit eG Innovations at the Desktop Transformation Pavilion at Citrix Synergy 2011

Citrix Synergy is next week in San Francisco. If you are going to be at the show,visit at booth #526. This year, we are also going to be at the Desktop Transformation pavilion for Citrix Ready partners at booth #807.

The theme at the Citrix Desktop Transformation Pavilion this year is Design – Simplify – Accelerate. The eG VDI Monitor, part of the eG Enterprise suite, addresses this theme in several ways:

  • Design: The infrastructure necessary to support virtual desktops has many working parts that must interact properly for the whole service quality to be acceptable to users. Proper design of the infrastructure ensures that there are no bottlenecks, at the same time ensures that the infrastructure is right-sized so that the investment necessary for desktop transformation is minimized. The eG VDI monitor measures the usage of every layer of every tier of the infrastructure and correlates this with user perceived service quality. By correlating these metrics, the eG VDI monitor quickly identifies bottlenecks in the infrastructure and allows design modifications to optimize performance.
  • Simplify: Because virtual desktops involve so many working parts, a problem in one part of the infrastructure can cause many of the other parts to report problems as well. Consequently, troubleshooting and diagnosing the root-cause of a service failure can be an interesting challenge. The eG VDI monitor simplifies the process of troubleshooting problems when they occur by correlating alerts from all the tiers and downgrading the severity of all secondary problems. Thereby, it allows administrators to focus their time and effort on the root-cause problems and ensure that they can keep the virtual desktop service working with minimal downtime.
  • Accelerate: The key to any technology transformation is quick, demonstrable return on investment. By reducing the time to troubleshoot VDI problems, allowing right-sizing of the infrastructure, and ensuring satisfactory end-to-end business serviced performance, the eG VDI monitor accelerates VDI acceptance and ROI.

For more details on how the eG VDI Monitor can help your desktop transformation initiative, click here >>>